Hello. This website mainly serves as a dump for my hyperfixations and things I find interesting, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it but I try to update when I can. It is often said that any progress is good progress- I think you should apply this to yourself as well, you will be a happier person.

My search for beauty is one that is not often understood. The way I speak and act do not always reflect my internal views, so allow me to explain here. I believe that beauty comes from the inside. Of course there are things that are aesthetically pleasing but it is quickly spoiled by a rotten core. What one finds beautiful is entirely subjective and depends upon the way they are raised, their experiences and hereditary factors. You may not agree with me that mushrooms and soil are beautiful but chances are I don't agree with what you think is beautiful either. This is okay. Beauty is a transient thing that is defined only by the person making the observation, in it's own way this concept on it's own is beautiful. Seeing as this is my website, I typically will not acknowledge what others find beautiful, this doesn't invalidate your opinion. Despite my best attempts to separate myself from my documentation of beauty you may find the two entwined.

All my art and creations are open for non-commercial use, credit is appreciated.

Update Log


It's been a while! The Tyler shrine has reached it's first stage and been added to the shrine ring.


Okay, now it's actually working.


Just got the Omori_Game font working, systematically changing every font family. (edit: nyani?!)


Toybox active. Looks so bad on mobile but I'm really proud of how it looks on PC.


Personal is now active, feel free to parooze it. Check out my journal. As usual, I am neglecting the front page- I swear it'll look better... Maybe... Someday.


The Journal page has been made! It's not accessible (by normal means, anyway) as of now.


Finally fixed the code on the frontpage, now it should work perfectly.


Shrines link active, Sunnny shrine has reached it's first stage.