(Fair warning: my pages will be very scuffed at times, but that just means I'm learning!)
I've wanted to make a website for a long time, and I've had this domain for a while, so I figured I'd finally use it.
I'm no expert, though. This will serve as my own little spot on the internet as I learn to code!
Currently I only know basic Java, CSS and HTML (no clue how to combine java with the other two?!).
I hope to get a good grasp on those languages through this project.
Eventually I also want to dive into C+ but that'll be a while.
If you are on mobile, landscape mode will treat you better, not all pages will be mobile friendly, however.
Images that aren't linked to anything are mine, from something mentioned in a nearby post or so overused/old that credit no longer exists. Hover for any info I may have. If you credit me and don't claim it as your own, I don't mind you using my art.

Enjoy your stay!

Stuff I want to consume:

Update Log


Toybox active. Looks so bad on mobile but I'm really proud of how it looks on PC.


Personal is now active, feel free to parooze it. Check out my journal. As usual, I am neglecting the front page- I swear it'll look better... Maybe... Someday.


The Journal page has been made! It's not accessible (by normal means, anyway) as of now.


Finally fixed the code on the frontpage, now it should work perfectly.


Shrines link active, Sunnny shrine has reached it's first stage.