Welcome to my webpage, here I'll mainly be spilling thoughts on my life and sharing my creative works. This is very much a personal blog, mostly everything stated here is opinion and based off my own experiences, so please keep that in mind while browsing.
I'd also like to mention that every bit of html here is hand-coded, I spent a lot of time getting everything how I wanted with limited help so please don't judge any mistakes or shortcuts too hard. Usually one page will take me at least 24 hours. I usually don't have the time to make my pages mobile friendly and sometimes I genuinely don't know how to go about it but it is one of my goals to make every page mobile friendly.
On that note, here is my to-do list:

  • Make Entire Website Mobile Friendly
  • Add Links Page
  • Make Webmap
  • Add Shelf Page

Update Log


Finally remade the index, adding links page currently.


It's been a while! The Tyler shrine has reached it's first stage and been added to the shrine ring.


Okay, now it's actually working.


Just got the Omori_Game font working, systematically changing every font family. (edit: nyani?!)


Toybox active. Looks so bad on mobile but I'm really proud of how it looks on PC.


Personal is now active, feel free to parooze it. Check out my journal. As usual, I am neglecting the front page- I swear it'll look better... Maybe... Someday.


The Journal page has been made! It's not accessible (by normal means, anyway) as of now.


Finally fixed the code on the frontpage, now it should work perfectly.


Shrines link active, Sunnny shrine has reached it's first stage.